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I watched Christian Kane's music video The House Rules (produced by Timothy Hutton)  for the first time Friday morning Oct 1 on CMT and was a bit disappointed. II missed seeing the classic Bronco that Christian Kane owns and drove in the video shoot. I was at the shoot as one of hundreds of extras and that was fun to watch him drive up to his mark and then zip off around the corner. I thought there was too much time wasted with him walking in and then standing in front of a mirror down in the green room of Dante's. Too many shots of the half naked girls dancing above the bar. Not enough of the stage performance.

Then I watched it several times more on the net and again this morning on my TV so I can hear his intro of the video and decided, right after the second hearing, that I do like it after all. Guess I was in a hurry to see it so I could rush off to work yesterday and felt too picky. Yes, there are too many clips of the girls squirming around up there, but then they've been dancing to Kane since almost the start last year and Kane loves sexy girls, so gotta remind myself that it's his video, not mine! (and there's his video playing again out in my living room as I write! Cool timing!). I actually do like how he looks in the mirror and seems to give himself a mental pep talk and a firm look that says it'll be fine, now get out there and do it.

I like how CK and Tim's vision of CK walking into an empty bar and then up on a stage to a full house worked out.  I loved how he gave each of the boys (Will, Ryan, Jason and Steve) a hug on his way in; he is, after all, a very affectionate guy. Got to see his pretty guitar again that he's only used for the video shoot to my knowledge. It was good to see his signature pat on the chest and holding his hand out to his fans - his silent way of saying I love you guys.; this is all because of you. Altho he has told us those words many times, too.

I enjoyed going through the video and seeing myself in there after I figured that was a distant hope! My yellow shirt shows up nicely in one spot, and my sister in law, Peggy, who I took with me for an early BD present, can be seen on my right, but she's short so you have to know her face. Sorry, Peg. I still think his long time, devoted fans that usually line the stage at Kane shows should have been up there for this big event instead of panning across a sea of random strangers. 

Looking at it in a strangers perspective, I can see that it'll be too rock and roll for many country people and that might stop people from buying his CD that'll be coming out soon and may prevent them from giving him a chance. He's got some very pretty and real country songs he's written and sung. And that's another thing I love about Kane - The songs are written by Christian, Steve, Jason and or a combo of them with other people that CK doesn't hesitate to recognize when he gives a little back story to the songs, usually his own experiences, which is a warm sharing experience he gives to us.

I know some are going to see how he makes fierce facial expressions and postures, but he does that with certain songs, gets a very emotional face on others, slaps butts and grins on even other songs. I have photos of a lot of different Kane faces from his performances - little acting and feeling from the actor. It's all entertainment and genuine.
He changed the word in one line from "get high" to "get by" for sensitive ears and no crotch grabbing on the Rule #7 line (don't touch the women, but they can grab whatever they want to). Mostly becuz he's running up on stage and connecting his amp to his guitar at that moment, but he  tames that down at public shows (like the Oregon State Fair), but he couldn't have made the fan girls scream any louder even if he had done it that day. I'm sure I wasn't the only one getting hoarse after hours of screaming and singing to them on the many takes. Even CK was hoarse at the regular show they did after the shoot.

Now, I know the 7 on the back of CK's shirt that night refers to the line about Rule #7 and he likes his Jack Daniels, which has a 7 on the bottle. But I'd like to know what the letters represent on the back of his shirt above the 7: WAHYA    If anybody knows, please let me know, okay?

The video doesn't do Steve Carlson, Christian Kane, Ryan Baker, Will Amend and Jason Southard justice. You don't see how affectionate and teasing they are amongst themselves and to us, their laughs, smiles, the way they handle their instruments, move on the stage, even how they stand when not singing. It's fun and it's got a party feel. I have no idea if Kane is going to be just Christian from now on or if the entire group of 5 I think of as being KANE will continue to tour together or not. But I hope they all go far, whether as a band or individuals. Because they sure deserve it in my opinion. 

Hope you all get a chance to hear and see more Kane, the man and the band. He has some true country songs amongst the also terrific near-rock stuff, my favorite being the waltz  Making Circles that he'll have to clean up cuz he uses language he would use in RL but which is not radio friendly. They weren't allowed to drink during the filming of the video, even though it's in a bar.  Steve said it's "an endorsement reason or something." When CK drinks, his mouth gets more NR-17. And don't we love that cocky, doesn't care what you think of him acting himself side of CK, after all? Those of us who have gone to many Kane shows go there expecting to be entertained by more than the music - sexy guys with cute grins, awesome guitar playing, showy moves, bantering and affection between the boys, CK feeling his alcohol...It's all good and it never goes too far or gets uncomfortable. And we often get a sweaty hug at the end of the show! (nicer than it sounds)

Although he seems to be good at everything he tries his hand at, a music career seems to be something that has eluded CK longer than it should have. So, with positive thoughts being sent out, I wish you Good Luck in this endeavor, too.

See you at the Snoqualmie Casino Oct 9.

Conventions: Pros and Cons

I've been asked: " Why do you go to conventions? And what do you do there, anyway?"

Conventions (aka: cons) weren't doing a thing for me until Supernatural came around. And then I wanted to go try one out really, really bad but didn't have the funds and was leery of going to a crazed fan event and get trampled. I saw the Star Trek and Comic Con photos, I saw the massive crowds, the weird costumes, the money involved to attend - no way, man!

Then they had a con in Vancouver, Canada - where Supernatural (aka SPN) was filmed - set for August 2009. Hey! I can drive there in 3 1/2 hrs! No flight money needed that way, I might be able to do this...So, I hit the net, bought a Gold package for the 3 day event, saved up for the hotel and started slowly buying photo ops so I could get my picture taken with the people I had been seeing on my all-time favorite TV show every Thursday since the pilot aired. And was smitten deeply with the con bug the second I stepped in the door. Well, maybe not that quickly. Still, the excitement is quite catchy. And the huge masses I had expected were self-controlled and the events carried out in an orderly manner.

I met 2 new friends that first night while we waited to pre-register who had been to more than one con already and they talked me thru some of it. Made another friend when I began bonding with my seat mate over the next 3 days. Met yet another during my second SPN con in L.A. of this year and I got to help talk her thru her intense nervousness at meeting the actors for the first time. From California, Illinois and England, all of them quickly became good friends that I email, Facebook, see at cons and generally enjoy chatting to and meeting up with.  And it's very easy to strike up a conversation with people with a common love of the show.

I used to belong to a dance club that closed its doors after a long run.  Unfortunately, most of my friends are in the dance community. Being less able to continue dancing due to physical issues that are getting worse, I was unable to look into following them to where they scattered off to. I was looking a sad state, growing into a hermit even, until I found another venue to begin vesting my attention and time into - the world of TV show cons and Kane concerts. If I can drive to it, I go to it!  Standing in line or sitting for long periods isn't the best thing for me, either, but the end products are worth the pain. And there's new and old friends to keep your mind off the discomforts and share the fun with. And Jared. And Jensen. And Misha. And Christian. And Steve. And...

Cons are great places to meet and make friends. It's awesome to be around hundreds and hundreds of people who know exactly who and what you're talking about without having to explain it all. They understand your excitement at just being there. And where else do you get such a great opportunity to meet, exchange a few words, get an autograph and get your photo taken with famous people? Now that I've seen them on the shows, I have started to see them on many other movies and shows, as well. Their names are becoming household in my circle.

So, what else is the draw, you ask?
Each guest, as the actors are called, is on stage for a Q & A and these are quite fun. We see first-hand the actor's humor, hear interesting stories and inside info on them and their co-stars, get to ask questions and we get to take as many pictures as our little heart's desire while they are up there.  We get to hear some of the guests sing just as off-key as we do at the Friday Night Karaoke Party,  get a concert by one of the musician's whose songs were used in an episode of SPN (one huge draw to my first con was that Steve Carlson, closely associated with Christian Kane, would be doing the concert and a stage Q & A and I could get my photo with him !!!) get to talk a few minutes with some of the guests that mingle at our tables at the Sat. night Dessert Party and enjoy the hilarious duo, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on Sunday - the big draw for the majority of SPN fans.

In March of this year I went to the first ever Leverage con in Portland, Oregon, where that show films. If you've read the Kane blog and seen my photo albums, you'll know I'm a HUGE fan of Christian Kane and have followed his career since he was Lindsey McDonald, an attorney on "Angel" and now Leverage's Hitter /Muscle Eliot on TNT Sunday nights. There was a lot of waiting in line, as is the norm, a few glitches, but we got to hang out a few minutes and have an actual conversation with each of the 5 stars of the show: Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Beth Reisgraf, Aldis Hodge and CK, as well as get autographs and photo ops with them. I loved all the stage Q & A's and the way Mark Sheppard would pop in almost everywhere all weekend! And everybody was funny and intriguing.

I have gotten to the point where I have started paying attention to production staff on episodes for both these shows, as well as other shows to see if I know them, since I now can say I have met and spoken to many. Having met and listened to many of the producers, writers, location managers, etc at the cons, it has become personal. I never knew John Rogers and Chris Downey, producers for Leverage, could be so funny until they were our set tour guides for the Lev con - aka The Con-con.  And, altho Christian Kane choreographs the fight scenes, it was cool to hear the stunt coordinator praise his talents and the other production staff talk about so many various aspects that keep the shows running. 

Again, it was easy to make friends at the Con-con, too and I continue to communicate and meet up with a good friend I made there with Leverage and Kane in common. I can't wait for the next one!

So, before you critique and belittle people who have nothing better to do than attend cons (I was sort of guilty of that myself), keep in mind that when a show comes on that you are supremely into, you too might start attending their con so you can meet and talk to the actors you love to watch every week! It only takes one con to hook you. And I know there are fans that go to every single con (many all year round in other states and countries) - if I had the money, I would too!  It's fun, it's addictive, it's interesting, and it's better than some hobbies and most addictions I can name!!  And so what if your grown son reminds you that most of the actors in the shows you love to watch are around his age - it's all good! At least his mother isn't out racing cars or putting on mini skirts and hanging out at bars!! (not that the second one has a chance in hell of happening). Love makes the world go 'round and you find plenty of that at the cons!

So, perhaps I'll see you at a Kane performance and/or a Supernatural - Leverage con in the near future!
Like the old ad used to say: Try it, you'll like it!



Kane/Con questions

I have been asked by friends, family and co-workers why I love Christian Kane and his band so much that I have to spend money to go see these people at conventions. So, here's a brief - ha! - rebuttal to your issues with my obsession:

1- (I've seen video clips of Kane and I'm not impressed.)
Right there, that's the problem! I've watch video clips of the shows I saw in person (all 11 of his Portland, OR Dante's shows,  2 Oregon State Fair and the Quinault Beach, Ocean Shores, WA  performances) and think they're awful! The clips are distorted and you hear more of the screaming fans around the video taker than the actual song on stage! You need to see them live to appreciate all the humor, energy, affection and fan interaction going on up there to really know what Kane is all about. I love watching Steve and Jason manning their guitars, they can be quite showy in a non-show-offy way. Christian has a way about him that really pulls you into the shows - his grin, the way he interacts with his band, how he watches one of the boys play, the way he and Steve will grin at each other like they know something we don't! And then there's his wonderful voice, singing and speaking. Until you've seen a Kane show live, you don't know what you are missing!!

2 - (CKane likes to get drunk all the time. Who wants to watch a drunken cowboy sing?) The boys are having fun up there, they are adults and are allowed to drink with the rest of us. Kane works hard, he plays hard. Yes, he has gotten a bit tipsy on a couple shows I've been to the past 2 years, but it hasn't affected his singing! I've seen him get obviously drunk while he celebrating the end of Leverage, the new season they had been picked up for and the fact that they would be filming in Portland again the new season. They were all drinking and celebrating, Kane did warn us that he planned on getting drunk and he was adorable later when he greeted his fans with big sweaty hugs! He intros two certain songs (Whiskey in Mind, American Made) with a drink of whiskey, he is known for his love of Jack Daniels and when he can, he takes a shot of it once in a while thru the show. It's part of his show personality, part of himself, something we expect him to do. I've seen him perform without it and he does fine. We'll let his manager worry about how much he might drink. He's not afraid to let us see that he likes to drink with us. How many performers hide it? 

3- (He chews tobacco!!) Yes, he does. So did my father, so I haven't really thought much about it since the first time I saw Kane spitting into a can during sound check. If you've never been around it you might think that's gross, but some of us are used to it and you adjust to seeing it once you focus on the man himself. You'll see him with it in his cheek and spitting into a cup during sound checks (he spit into a bottle at the Leverage con in March!) while some of the others are out smoking. He's from the country, it's part of him, you don't see him with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and I think it helps him manage nervous tension.

4- (Steve looks bored when he's just standing there watching Kane perform.) Huh? Were you at the same shows? Steve will relax and cross his arms on his guitar while there's a part he isn't involved in. This year he is even sitting down once in a while. It makes us feel like we're friends cuz he's feeling relaxed enuf to get comfy around us. And then he jumps up and is wailing away on his guitar or into the mike or giving one of his sexy grins - oh, yeah, not looking bored! Definitely not boring. And even a bored-looking Steve Carlson would be highly interesting to watch...

5- (Jensen Ackles can't sing. I've heard him and he's awful.) Gasp! Okay, the whole video clip thing - read #1. I've heard him in person, he sang in June '09 at Christian's BD show at Dante's, which is how he got into this conversation. I've also heard him singing with Jason Manns and Steve Carlson on CD's. He has a lovely voice. Dean Winchester singing (his character that often sings to the radio in the Impala) is not Jensen! 

6-(Kane tells people he writes all the sings and gets all the credit for them.) I've heard him give credit to Steve and Jason and other people for helping write many songs they sing all the time. Not sure where you got that impression from.

7 - (CKane must have a big head with all the TV shows, movies, now a band.) No. He seems genuinely humble and sometimes emotional when he tells us how much he appreciates us following his career over the years and that without us, his fans, he wouldn't be on TV, movies or singing. It's never seemed fake to me when he has told us these things - many times.

8 - (Why are you so besotted by these guys?) Yes, that is the word she used.
-Steve's grin and very attractive looks, watching him play guitar, his fingers moving, his facial expressions as he throws back his head and feels his music... Plus I love his raspy voice and song-writing ability, the many different instruments he plays and his acting ability, which we only see on his videos but would love to see on more movies.
-Christian's teasing, his great humor, introducing his songs with little back stories, his facial expressions while he sings, watching a very sexy TV/movie actor perform for us and talk to us like an every day guy...His acting abilities, his song-writing ability, love his voice speaking or singing...
-Watching Jason rip on his guitar like a rock star, long hair swinging, the way he and Steve get together with Will and Ryan and give us a mini show while Christian steps away for a few minutes
-The way the boys are so sweet and willing to talk to us after shows, especially Ryan and Jason. True, the 2 main characters, SC and CK are more illusive...
It's all good. It's all entertaining. And, once you've seen Kane perform live, you're addicted. I took a non-Kane aware friend to see them once and she went to every show last year with me cuz she loved them. I took my sis-in-law once and she went with me every time she didn't have to work this year, plus was in the music video of House Rules with me. Addictive, I tell you. Better than drugs.
I used to go to bars and dance and listen to favorite bands and it was never like this. With Kane, I got to be in his music video, got my pics taken with Aldis Hodge and Timothy Hutton (co-stars on Leverage) several times when they used to hang out at Dante's to support CK last year. I got hugs and autographs many times and it's so fun to be there and soak it all up! I get to watch a couple of these guys do other things, like record CD's, attend conventions, be on TV, and I can show pictures of them taken with me. Kane is willing to try just about anything you place in front of him - apparently demolition derby's not excluded!  - and comes across as a typical American boy when he's not busy being a TV star or singer.
There is so much more I could say about this band, these guys, Christian Kane. And maybe I will. Meanwhile, go try them out. You'll see what I mean.

Stay tuned for my comments on Supernatural and conventions!!

Last Kane show blues

This Saturday July 17  I go see Kane and the boys for their last show. That will be exciting, while sad at the same time. If Leverage doesn't film in Portland again next season - yes, there will be a next season, I have faith - then it will be the last time Christian Kane, aka Eliot Spencer the Hitter, and Steve Carlson play at Dante's.
Meanwhile, only a month or so before I see my other boys, the Supernatural gang in Vancouver, Canada! And my good friends Linda, Mary and Rollanda! Can't wait!

Steve and Chris in Portland, Oregon

Saw the boys live for my first time (together or alone, for that matter) at Dante's Sunday 7 in Portland, Oregon!! 2 and a 1/2 hour drive from near Tacoma, Washington and got there early enuf that we sat in during their sound check and got to hear a couple of tunes and their great humor. Anybody else there, too?

Wish we had been allowed to take photos during the check cuz Steve was wearing a long sleeve snug fitting shirt that really did his body good! I was initially disappointed that Chris wore the dreaded stocking cap (and was chewing, so he spit in a can or something at his feet once in awhile - yuck! ) but he changed into the free (and very bushy) hair we love and want to play with. Steve's sound check included a song about a man or something like that (I think it was meant to be sung by a woman or he changed the words) and Chris asked, "Did you just say you wanted to be with a man? Seriously, Steve,? Should I be worried?" Very matter of factly Steve took a drink of his beer and said "I always said your ass is mine." Everybody cracked up. 

Bonus: a couple cast members of Leverage were there to watch their co-star and I got my photo taken with Timothy Hutton (Nathan) and Aldis Hodge (Hardison), who had a big grin cuz I think he was enjoying his sudden fame. Double wow! 

Weird town, way too many one way streets and homeless guys sleeping on the sidewalk nearby but nothing bad happened and had a blast. The friend I went with had no clue who any of these guys were but is now a fan and loved the boys. Of course, what's not to love! Unable to get a photo with my boys, tho. We had to work in the morning so left after the concert at 10pm. I suppose they might have come out during the Sinferno Cabaret or when they took their equipment down, but couldn't stay to find out. Sigh...
I guess Leverage is filming  in the area, which is why Chris will be playing once in a while there, so there will be more opportunities to see him (them?) play. Sat with one of the extras and I'll be looking for the back of her head in a future episode!

This was tremendously exciting for me and thought you'd want to know what you missed.  I guess if this isn't allowed, the mod will delete it's little body.  *Grin*




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